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A wonderful buzz about Leith Primary

Originally published 5th June 2018

You may have read an article in the news recently about some plants we put out in Leith Primary: our carefully chosen heirloom tomatoes, beautiful organic runner beans, and some very nice strawberries all went out on a gorgeous Friday morning. The article, sadly, was on vandalism. Yes, our beautiful plants were ripped out of the soil and left for dead

Runner beans going out at our garden club

Every cloud has a silver lining

However, this is not a sad story. In fact, what has happened since the incident has left us all feeling very inspired.

The kindness, concern and care that have been shown to us since the event have been overwhelming: people passing by in the street asking us what we need, allotment growers offering us plants, people dropping in beautiful lavender plants, and some big donations from large retailers also.

Big gratitude to the people of Leith

We are very grateful to the wonderful people of Leith for their support. We welcome all this goodwill and are very glad to be a part of this vibrant,ever-growing community. The vibe in Leith Primary and Leith beyond, makes for a very friendly, nice place to be. Often the parents from the school don’t leave the playground, even half an hour after the kids have been collected, and as our Gwen would say: “True story!”


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