Malawi Schools Project

In Autumn 2016, we became one of the partners in a three-year ambitious project operating across 21 schools in the Rumphi District of the Northern Region of a Malawi. It is funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund and is run in partnership with Thrive Scotland, the University of Livingstonia and Rumphi organisation Living Trees of Livingstonia.

The project aims to provide basic hygiene facilities, healthy breakfasts crops for the children, tree nurseries in their school grounds and an income generating crop too, reducing poverty and raising school attendance. Central to it are School Orchard Committees. These consist of parents and teachers of the schools’ pupils, ensuring local ownership.

We see our role as guiding the project in the direction of food sovereignty and environmentally responsible agriculture, and we would also like to foster links between these schools in rural tropical Africa and our local ones in urban Leith. Developing responsible global citizens starts with building understanding and empathy across the planet.

Check out the gallery for highlights from our recent visits to Malawi which took place in November 2017 and 2018.