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Gaelic, Music, Nature

Gàidhlig, Nàdur, Ceòl is Seinn

Gaelic, Nature, Music project Spring 2022-October 2023

Earth In Common are running a programme ‘Gàidhlig, Nàdur, Ceòl is Seinn’ - Gaelic, Nature and Music. Supported by ‘Bòrd Na Gàidhlig’ this project explores nature, music and Gaelic language through a series of interactive workshops for all ages! Delivered by Gaelic speakers with the support of The City of Edinburgh Council’s Capital Gaelic Development Officer, Ann Paterson, and projects/workshops are also supported by Petrea Cooney City of Edinburgh Council/University of Glasgow. The programme will incorporate storytelling, singing, craft, outdoor pursuits, and resident composer Deborah Shaw will deliver songwriting, instrument making, music production and recording workshops as part of the programme, working with the community collaboratively  to create a series of new works celebrating Gaelic language and culture.

Tha “Earth in Common”glè thoilichte prògram samhraidh fhoillseachadh ‘Gàidhlig, Nàdur, Ceòl is Seinn’.

Le taic bho Bhòrd na Gàidhlig tha am pròiseact seo a’ rannsachadh nàdar, ceòl agus cànan na Gàidhlig tro shreath de bhùthan-obrach eadar-obrachail airson gach aois! Air a lìbhrigeadh le luchd-labhairt na Gàidhlig le taic bho Ann Paterson, Oifigear Leasachaidh Gàidhlig, Comhairle Baile Dhùn Èideann agus Petrea Cooney, Comhairle Baile Dhùn Èideann agus Oilthigh Ghlaschu.

Bidh sgeulachdan, seinn, ceàird, cur-seachadan a-muigh againn agus lìbhrigidh an sgrìobhaiche-ciùil còmhnaidh Deborah Shaw bùthan-obrach sgrìobhadh òrain, dèanamh ionnstramaidean, riochdachadh ciùil agus clàradh mar phàirt den phrògram, ag obair còmhla ris a’ choimhearsnachd gus sreath de dh’obraichean ùra a chruthachadh.

Engaging with nature helps children thrive. [Photo from National Trust's 'Natural Childhood' report - not the children in our project.]

Engaging with nature helps children thrive. [Photo from National Trust's 'Natural Childhood' report - not the children in our project.]


Through the ‘Gàidhlig agus Nàdar’ project we were seeking to explore environmental and nature themes, through Gaelic songs, stories, and phrases, to create a community composition that would be recorded and performed. 


We were aiming to build connections that fostered the usage and learning of Gaelic through an innovative mix of outdoor education, music, and intergenerational community learning on our Urban Croft. We aimed to provide these activities outwith the classroom environment. 


In phase 1 of the project, we ran a series of outdoor music-making and Gaelic sessions for adults, as well as young people from 4-10 years old, on Leith Community Croft. These sessions centred around themes such as Birdsong, recycling and the sea. 


In phase 2 of the project, sessions took place in James Gillespie’s High School. Petrea Cooney and Marcus Mac an Tuairneir delivered a series of indoor poetry and songwriting workshops.


Recordings across these two phases were made by young people themselves, and also by Deborah Shaw, a music educator, composer and sound artist.


Phase 3 of the project saw the culmination of the first two phases, which contributed to the final film and audio recording (shown above) and to a performance and showcase of the film and audio at Earth in Common’s tenth anniversary celebration and building launch on 9 September 2023. 

With thanks to:

Funders - Bòrd na Gàidhlig

Facilitators - Deborah Shaw, Petrea Cooney, Mairi Callan, Ewan MacIntyre, Ann Paterson, Marcus Mac an Tuairneir

More funding to continue this work, please!

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