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Our Story


Earth in Common started as a grassroots movement under the name Leith Community Crops in Pots. We were born in a barren concrete yard in the heart of Leith, an underused and unloved spot.

Our founder, Evie Murray, wanted to give her children a healthy outdoor experience in a crowded urban environment. Starting in her backyard (Dr Bell’s Yard), Evie and her children began to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

The physical and emotional benefits were obvious and, as the children enjoyed learning about food, they loved to eat their veg!

Evie shared more about the many environmental, social and educational benefits of growing food in urban areas, inspiring other mothers to join in. She recruited a board and rolled out her work across Leith. We now have several integrated projects.


We have created ‘Edible Schoolyards’ around Leith, and Edinburgh Council appointed us to manage, with and for the local community, two acres of common good land. This prominent but previously neglected area at the northern tip of Leith Links is now a thriving community growing space known as ‘Leith Community Croft’. On this pioneering urban croft, we encourage ‘green’ food production, a sharing ethos, nature play and the provision of wildlife habitat.


A member of the Scottish Crofting Federation visited us and passed on a statement by the SCF in support of the concept. The Croft is integrated with other projects, such as our Croft Carbon College, and is also an event venue.


‘Land is vital for healthy communities; growing food is a part of our cultural heritage. There is a very welcome resurgence of interest in this area within Scotland.’

Evie Murray, Founder & CEO

Crofting is a part of our cultural heritage in Scotland.’

Gwen Rowland, Former Board Member.

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