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We Need Your Help

Our team work incredibly hard but due to very challenging circumstances we have reached a tricky point in the charity's existence where funding has become very scarce. 

You may look at our charity and think we're floating along seamlessly due to the securing of new pavilion as part of the Nourishing Leith Project, however, discreet pots of funding such as this one are only one part of the jigsaw to our operation and the renovations themselves has made it impossible to host many of our usual initiatives and fundraising activities. This includes our Hingabootery café, which we all know and love. 

Like so many charities, we face short term funding challenges that mean sometimes we’re up against a ‘hunger gap’ with our staffing capacity, which with the best will in the world means we could face a halt to our ambitious project while we wait for funding decisions to come in. 

These funding difficulties are worsened by the current socio-economic and political situation (COVID-19, Brexit..) where funding is no longer available and our reality is that we are unable to cover our core operational costs.


This is why, in order to keep our charity running day-to-day and hold our fantastic and knowledgeable team together we need your help 💛 


We know how much the Croft and Earth in Common means to you all and we’d really love to have your support in reaching our goals.  

Will You Join Our Fundraising Efforts?

Spring for the Croft!

Our 'SPRING FOR THE CROFT' campaign was set up to help people reconnect with nature, bring people together either in person or virtually and move their bodies to give a boost of spring vitality and celebrate, as well as raise funds for our charity experiencing difficult monetary times.

We've listed some examples of what you could do to fundraise for us (though the world is your oyster...):

  • Could you...Walk/Skip/Hulahoop/Prance/Swim/Cycle/Hopscotch for a good length of time everyday (perhaps, 30 minutes?), or ask people to sponsor you for every minute you do of your activity accumulatively?

  • Could you get your pals or community group together and arrange a fancy dress parade where you spend the day all dressed up as flowers/vegetables/bees etc

What Does Your Money Go Towards?

We have listed some examples below of how much your donations can provide our community with different levels of resource/infrastructure that we desperately need.


Your donations really do go a long way 💚 

  • MineCroft sessions - £15 per child per session 

  • Market Garden seed buying - £300 per season 

  • Compost - £60 supplies the Market Garden with compost for a month  

  • Tools & Tool Maintenance - £525 per season 

  • Building two large timber raised beds that will last 15+ years - £900 

  • Resources for running a year’s programme of environmental community education sessions - £3000 

  • One member of Croft Food Hub staff manning our Hingabootery Community Café for a day - £100 

Every single pound helps us keep our dreams alive and thriving, moving day by day closer to a more resilient future.  

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Our Mission

  1. Opening our community building where we will host our Hingabootery Café, Hearty Bùth Farm shop, wonderful events groups in our community spaces, both indoors and outdoors, and cook for you using our own Croft grown food in our commercial kitchen. 

  2. Development of Urban Crofts in other regions across Scotland 

  3. Campaigning for Food sovereignty/security in Scotland through our own example and via policy such as Good Food Nation Bill. 

  4. Environmental Knowledge and Skills - for all ages via our Minecroft sessions, and our green skills workshops. 

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