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Leith Community Croft

Urban Crofts' - A New Concept Rooted in the Past

Leith Community Croft is the physical form of Earth in Common,

the base of our charity and the heart of our community. 

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On Leith Community Croft you can expect to find;

Croft Food Hub

Croft Education

Market Garden

Get Involved with the Croft

Are you keen to get out into nature, the great outdoors and have a spare hour or two in the week? Find out more about how you can Volunteer with Us at our Market Garden.

Alternatively, we'd love you to attend one of our Community Events! It would be great to meet you (or see you again!). Find out more about Upcoming Events.

OR... are you seeking to further your environmental knowledge & skills? Our Croft Carbon College can help you or between CCC workshops, you can visit our Online Learning Centre where you can access courses at your leisure!

Croft Membership

Grown your own fruit & veg on our Croft! 

At present, our plots are currently full, however to find out how to join the waiting list to become a grower, click here.

As a Grower you will be invited to our Croft Commons Meetings - a chance for our Grower community to come together and share ideas about how to improve our space but also to celebrate each other's fruity wins! 


History of Leith Community Croft

Aware of all that is implied by the concept of a 'croft' and of the history and traditions of crofting in Scotland, we identified two neglected acres of common good land at the northern extremity of Leith Links and saw their potential - a new version of a croft: an urban croft,


Our concept of an Urban Croft brings together the members of the Leith community (technically all co-owners of the site) as a harmonious and co-operative family, working together to share their experience and skills, to address each other’s needs, and to raise children in a healthy and responsible way, in touch with nature and the land.

We believe in an integrated vision of urban crofts that can help generate community solidarity and wellbeing, strengthen the local economy, and contribute to community wealth building and skill-training. 

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