Market Garden and Forest Garden


The Market Garden and the Forest Garden, like the rest of the Croft has been a labour of love.

Once mounds of rubble, tarmac and thistles, the Crofters (supporters/growers/staff and volunteers alike) have given their time and care in nurturing it back to health and abundance.

A timeline
  • Cleared many thistles & planted fruit and nut trees in the Forest Garden

  • 2017- Tom began digging beds in the Market Garden, allowing space to grow soft fruit and begin our fruit tree nursery. We later dug our demo plot where practical gardening classes were later to be delivered. 

  • The remaining Market Garden beds were dug over the years, increasing the number of vegetables grown, year on year until 2020/2021 when we were able to grow and successfully harvest around 600kg of fresh produce.

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