Community wellbeing on the Croft - a haybale fight!

Earth in Common

Rooted in Leith.

Rooted in Leith

We started as a movement of Leithers reclaiming common good land to make healthy food and nature accessible to ourselves and our children. For the first years of our existence, we were known as Leith Community Crops in Pots. Now we’re working to tackle a broken food system, climate change and social inequality locally, nationally and internationally. 


We’re a radical action-based team on Leith Croft - community building and food growing are at our core. We’ve also got bigger ambitions. Our integrated vision of urban crofts can help generate community solidarity and wellbeing, strengthen the local economy, and contribute to community wealth building and skill-training. We aim to help communities across Scotland reclaim derelict urban green spaces to establish urban crofts. Together, we believe empowered urban communities could play a vital part in our move to food sovereignty.


Leith Community Croft

Hingabootery Cafe

OPEN 10am - 7pm

Tuesday - Sunday

Closed on Monday's

Market on the Croft

Sundays 10am until 5pm 

The Hearty Bùth 

Coming soon!! 


Outdoor survival skills

Croft Carbon College

Land based Environmental Education 

Market Garden

More info coming soon...

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We're currently looking for a new trustee!

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