PLENTY of food for thought, plenty of thought about food

Originally published 15th March 2013

Scottish Parliament motion on new report on Scotland's broken food system praises Leith Community Crops in Pots.

At Crops in Pots we welcome this report on Scotland's food system.

PLENTY: Food, Farming and Health in a New Scotland.

The Scottish Food Coalition - for a socially and environmentally just food system.

We were very pleased that Alison Johnstone, the Green Party's Lothians list MSP, has linked our project and others, such as Granton Community Gardens, with this new report, PLENTY.

She lodged a motion on the future of Scotland's food which is to be debated on Thursday 17 March 2016, and in this she commended our project for its food-related work:

Motion S4M-15826: Scotland's Food Future That the Parliament believes that everyone in Scotland should have financial and geographical access to nutritious food both as a right and with dignity; welcomes the work of the Scottish Food Coalition and its report, PLENTY: Food, Farming and Health in a New Scotland; applauds efforts to strengthen community-based food networks and end food poverty, and commends the work of Granton Community Gardens, Edinburgh Community Food, Broomhouse Health Strategy Group, Pilton Health Project, Leith Community Crops in Pots, Edinburgh Food Belt, Nourish, the Cyrenians and groups providing emergency food relief to people across the Lothians.

Boots on the ground We believe we are the 'boots on the ground' infrastructure that is spearheading change in our communities. We are attempting to set up a food system that works for Leith, and it is our belief that if our project plans are realised that our work could serve as a model to be replicated across Scotland.

Broken food system ​ We think that solutions to our broken food system must include infrastructure within our cities. Farming in rural areas also clearly needs to be transformed, but without food growing in the city major reformation is impossible. The environment in which we live shapes our lives and attitudes - for too long the only options for food been sugar-stacked supermarket shelves.