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Naming our Growing Space

Originally published 31 Oct 2015

We had lots of fun discussing the name of the growing space on Leith Links with the community, both online and off, and we held many conversations in the nursery playground and the school too. The imagination and enthusiasm of the participants were heartening, and we hope that all who took part realise how much their contributions were appreciated. A very big thank-you to all of you, whether you spoke to us directly or sent in emails or commented online

Pictures taken from our Imagine event

In the end it was a very close race between Persevere Gardens and Leith Urban/Community Croft. Many people championed Persevere as it's the Leith motto - and a very good motto too. Others were less enthusiastic, as they felt it suggested that we were entering some sort of struggle before we had even begun. In addition, some pointed out that it might not be good to take the name of the other community growing space in Leith, along at Persevere Court: Persevere Community Garden.

A rising tide of support for 'Croft'

There was swelling support for the use of the word 'croft', as it fits in well with what we will be doing. We shall be a small community food-producing unit, and this term is a good description. Some did point out, however, that we might need to get some hens for this to be a true croft, and as we started to visualise this it seemed we were already hearing the word 'crofters' being used to describe participants.

We hope you like the choice we've made and, if not, that it finds a way to creep into your heart as the project evolves into a special place with lots of goodness issuing forth.

We are in high spirits and have high hopes for:

Leith Community Croft


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